WTC Events

* events--rain day is the following day
Apr 21"Early Pay" date--discounts!
May 1WTC Opens as the weather permits. Lessons begin. Guests play free (except weekend mornings).
May 27*Opening Party, 12-3. Guests welcome. Last day of free play.
May 30Morning drills with the pro begin. Mo-Fr 9:30-10:30
Jun 1Thursday evening tennis mixers start for members and non-members. 5:30PM
Jun 24-Jul 2Members' Tournament
Jul 1*Independence Day Members' Party
Jul 3Junior Camp starts (Mo-Th 11-2)
Aug 8*Breast Cancer Options Fundraiser (Corrected date)
Sep 9-17Woodstock Open Tournament
Sep 17Bondholders' meeting @ 9AM, End-of-season party @ noon
Oct 2Free community play until courts close (except weekend mornings)
ClosingAs late as weather allows