Notes: Camp registration, waiver and tournament forms are on our home page. Membership rates for Juniors are shown on the Adults page.

In addition to open play (with membership), we offer private and group lessons for Juniors, a Junior Camp, and a Fall Junior Tournament.

Junior Camp
WTC’s camp encourages players ages 6-16 years old of all abilities to learn proper tennis technique, have fun and be able to play the game with proper scoring and strategy. The camp runs from Monday to Thursday, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. In 2017, camps will run July 3rd to August 4th. The cost for the camp is $55 a day, per child or $200 for the 4 days. Children are encouraged to enroll in at least one entire “week” but it is not mandatory.

We run additional weeks of camp if there is sufficient demand. We have added as many as 3 extra weeks. If you are interested in extra/later weeks, please note this on your registration form or let Karen know by email.

Children should wear appropriate attire – loose fitting clothing (no jeans), shorts and proper sneakers with good support (no sandals or crocs). Parents are responsible for the child’s lunch – we typically take a 20 min break for lunch. Sports drinks are available in the clubhouse for a small charge, but there is always a big jug of ice water available for the kids (free).

Students are separated into groups by age and/or level of ability. Camp is limited to 18 children.

Rain days: If it is raining, parents should call the club at 679-5900 after 9AM to see if camp is cancelled. Cancelled days will be reimbursed, however if the kids are already at the camp and it rains, these days will not be reimbursed. We will keep the kids busy until 2pm studying tennis strategy, rules, playing games or watching televised tennis matches.

Need more? Please contact Karen.