2017 Forms (PDF downloads)

Woodstock Open – 9/9-9/17, entry form and details
Members Tournament 2017 – Entry form
WTC News – Annual club newsletter
Brochure – Introductory brochure for new members, with application
Membership Application – Rates, application and waiver
Waiver for Adults – Waiver (2 copies)
Junior Camp – Registration and waiver
Waiver for Juniors – Waiver for up to 3 juniors
2017 68th Annual UC Tennis Tournament Application – July 13-16 Doubles, 20-23 Singles

Court Policies

All players must complete a 2017 WTC Waiver for Adults

Court Assignments

  • All players must sign in before playing
  • Courts are assigned first-come, first-served after your full group arrives
  • Court assignments are 1 1/2 hours for 4 players, 1 hour for 2 or 3 players
  • Juniors: no play before Noon Sat/Sun/Hol if adult members are waiting
  • Players should wait 15 minutes after coming off before re-signing for a court (if courts are full)
  • (New) Players must use available courts, and not ask other players to vacate their court


  • Guests must sign in before playing
  • Members must identify their guests at the desk before playing
  • Members’ Guests: $20/day
  • Drop-in Guests: $25/day
  • Free community play pre-season and post-season except weekend mornings (see calendar for dates)
  • Each person may be a guest not more than 5 days/season

Court News

Zena Road from Van Dale to Route 212 is closed for repairs for 4-6 weeks.

The Member’s Only Tournament runs from Saturday June 24 to Sunday, July 2. Applications are on the desk and below (PDF).  If you are gone an entire weekend we cannot accept your application.  Entry deadline is  Wed, June 21.

The Ulster County Tournament registration forms are available below (PDF). The courts at Forsyth Park are being redone so it will be a great year to compete.

The Facebook Page – a great way to communicate, look for tournament partners, subs or players for your games. Please “like” our Page and follow us by clicking the Facebook link at left.

Court Etiquette – Our rules are fairly loose compared to most clubs but basic tennis etiquette must be observed:

  • Men have to keep their shirts on.
  • Proper shirts for women i.e. no sports bras as shirts.
  • Proper tennis sneakers, always.
  • Do not go out onto a court to take it over (if players are already playing)  if not all your players are present. Why disturb them if you are not ready to play?
  • Keep cell phone use to a minimum and turn it off when playing.
  • No cursing, yelling, screaming or constant chatter from one baseline to the other. If you want to have a conversation while playing, take a break and sit on the bench and talk. Voices carry.
  • Do not cross over a court that is being used i.e. do not cross over on Court 1 to get to 2 – use the gate.
  • If you have a guest, please tell the Desk Person BEFORE you go out onto the court, not after.

Breast Cancer Fundraiser!   Tuesday August 8th.   Save the date!

(From Alice Goodman, Co-Director)

Last year’s Breast Cancer Options was a resounding success. Fun tennis drills, great food, an auction… We made more than $2500 for the Breast Cancer Options over and above our costs. Patricia Mitchell  and I would like to run the event again this year. To do this, we  need your help. Please email alicegoodman07@gmail.com  if you are willing to:

  1. help the day of the event setting up and cleaning up
  2. help getting donations for the auction
  3. help picking up some supplies

and of course talk up the event with your friends and get them to attend.  It will be a bargain at $40.00 for  1.5 hours of tennis drills with a pro, dinner and wine.  Sign up will be in mid-July.

Lessons: Steve, Karen and Mitch are ready and willing to help you improve your game, so email or call for private, semi-private or  group lessons!  We can be reached at:

Karen : karengill8@aol.com or 917-841-2468

Steve : 845-657-6004

Mitch : 541-914-1728 or tpro105@aol.com

USTA 3.0 Match on Tuesday, June 13 at 6PM, using courts 1-4 from 6 pm till dusk. Come cheer them on – they are currently in 2nd place!


Tournament; USTA Matches

The Members Only Tournament runs Saturday June 24 to Sunday, July 2.  Registration Forms are available in the “Forms” post.  The entry deadline is Wednesday, June 21 at 5 pm.
  • Matches are 8 game Pro Sets (have to win by 2 games) except for the Semi-Finals and Finals, which will be 2 out of 3 sets with the 3rd set being a 10 point Super Tiebreaker.
  • Most matches will be played on the weekend afternoons.  Some may be played during the week (not the semis or finals).  You should be available both weekends, but if you have a conflict, please email Karen before you sign up.
  • Categories are Men’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Singles, Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles.  The Tournament is free and you must be a fully paid Member to participate.

Our tournament is followed by the Ulsters – see application in “Forms” post.

The WTC WOMEN’S USTA  3.0 TEAM has matches at the club Saturday June 10th 2-4 pm and Tuesday June 13th 6-8 PM.  They will use courts 1-4 each time.  Please come to cheer them on!  Out of 6 teams, they are currently in 2nd place!